Mackin Commerce Warehouse leasing, commercial storage facility

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Steven Piantieri, owner of Mackin Commerce Warehouse rentals, College Park Commerce warehouse leasing, Orlando – Apopka – Ocoee, FL


COLLEGE PARK COMMERCE CENTER, in the Downtown / College Park Packing District and a second warehouse facility, MACKIN COMMERCE CENTER, off Hwy. 441 in the Apopka  / Ocoee / Maitland area.

My warehouse facilities are zoned and appropriate for storage, distribution, light manufacturing, wholesaling, and internet sales companies which do NOT require a high foot traffic  location. Both facilities are DMV approved sites for wholesale (not retail) auto sales.

Inquire by emailing   I’m  available at  or call 407-257-4322.

I’m always looking to purchase excess quantities, out-of-stock or discontinued inventory, vintage automotive related or antique / specialty automobile parts. I pay a healthy  ‘referral fee’  for  passing on information about a collection of automotive literature, automotive or motorcycle boutique items or a parcel of hard mechanical parts or tools that you know is for sale or trade. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Ferrarri, Ferarri.

I will have 1,500 ft. sq. vacancy with one office, one bathroom, fresh paint and flooring, new LED fixtures. $1,400/month inclusive of most  expenses. 

Steven Piantieri Owner of Mackin