Do you have a specific question about a vacancy ?

I often receive  inquiries  from  business owners looking for warehouse lease space :

  • How many square feet are in the office(s) ? (typically, 10% of the total space). 
  • How many parking spaces  are included ?   Are they reserved or ‘first come, first served’ ? (they are reserved for you). 
  • If an RV / boat/ truck can be stored  on-site ?
  • Is the site DMV approved ?   (Yes, it is). 
  • What is a “CAM”  and how does it affect the monthly rental rate ?  (Ask me for details). 
  • What’s the difference  between ‘cheap space’   and   ‘cost-effective space’. (McDonalds vs. fine dining).
  • Why should I rent/lease from you rather than a nationally-owned  warehouse facility? (Personalized service). 
  • Does  a warehouse vacancy have air conditioning in the warehouse or not ? (no, it is not).
  • Why should I complete the application now, before it becomes available? (You’ll be placed first in line for the vacancy instead of at the back of the line for it. I need to know more about your company before we set the wheels in motion). 

Want some answers?   Give me a call:     407-257-4322    I’m also available at